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Decision Support for Healthcare Management

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InScightful Decision

Hospital Management Decisions

In the hospital, there are many decision makers who work to improve processes and introduce efficiencies.  These decision makers are subject matter experts and likely are not data scientists.  In order to make sound choices, these healthcare workers rely on other staff to field questions and run statistics.  It can often take weeks between the initial formulation of the need for a decision, through a process of formulating a request into the data science team and finally the careful understanding of the results of the data science before a choice is made and the process of changing a system can begin.

Our decision support product InScightful Decision will eliminate a large portion of this delay by introducing a natural language window onto any data-set. This window will answer questions and verify hypotheses nearly instantly based on just natural language.  This will greatly speed up the process of decision-making to, essentially, real-time.

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