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Artificial Intelligence is allowing for much needed changes in efficiency and automation.  Cavenwell Industrial AI recognizes that the central part of this revolution are the people who are directing the algorithms to achieve the goals of the companies they own or work for.  We intend to empower Healthcare Workers, Insurance Companies,  Operations Researchers, Data Scientists, Business Owners, Business Intelligence Experts, and Engineers to quickly achieve their goals through easy to use and transparent AI tools.

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The Cavenwell Industrial AI Team

Get to Know Us


Ben Sprott

Founder, CEO, Architect and Product Engineer

Our CEO and Architect, Ben Sprott, has an extensive background in Engineering, Software Development and Industrial Research.  Before starting Cavenwell AI, he worked in the Telecommunications Industry for 9 years.  Ben holds MSc degrees in Physics and Computer Science from Waterloo and McGill and was once a member of the world's most advanced Physics research institutes, The Perimeter Institute.

About: Our Team
About: Our Team

Christopher Picard

Head of Healthcare

Chris holds MN in Nursing from the University of Alberta. He is an editor with the Canadian Journal of Emergency Nursing (CJEN), The Vice President of the National Emergency Nurses Association (NENA). He holds a position as Clinical Nurse Specialist with trauma services at Island Health Authority. His research focuses on the use of technology and data to improve resuscitation and cardiovascular disease care in the emergency department.

About: Our Team

Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh

Head of Natural Language Processing

Mehrnoosh is a Professor of Computer Science in the PPLV group of Department of Computer Science, University College London.
In March 2022, She was awarded a Royal Academy of Engineering Senior Research Fellowship.
She works on logical and mathematical models of natural language, categorial grammars for syntax and compositional vector/tensor spaces for semantics,  with the aid of machine learning and proof theoretic and algebraic methods.


William Klement

Head of AI

William holds a PhD in Computer Science in Machine Learning.  He holds positions with The Ottawa Research Hospital Research Institute and The Children's Hospital of Eastern Ontario Research Institute.  He is an Adjunct Professor of Computer Science at Dalhousie University.

About: Our Team
About: Our Team

Ian Lo Kin

R&D Developer

Ian is a PhD student in Computer Science at University College London and is a student of Mehrnoosh Sadrzadeh.

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