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Decision Support in Finance

In financial institutions, there are many decision makers who make investment decisions.  These decision makers are subject matter experts and likely are not data scientists.  In order to make sound choices, these managers rely on other staff to field questions and run statistics and create AI tools.  It can often take weeks between the initial formulation of the need for a decision, and the final investment choice being made.

Our decision support product InScightful will eliminate a large portion of this delay by introducing a natural language window onto any data-set. This window will answer questions and verify hypotheses nearly instantly based on just natural language.  This will greatly speed up the process of decision-making to, essentially, real-time.  LLMs are not an option in finance as they are inaccurate.  InScightful is an LLM-free, fully-on-premises, transparent natural language window into the institution’s tabular data. It answers the hardest questions.

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